1804 - 1815 : The Empire

Napoleon’s taste for jewelry was political. He wanted to restore France to the place it held as the center of luxury goods and fashion before the 1789 Revolution. As a result, Nitot became his official jeweler.

Creator and innovator, Nitot transmitted his focus on quality and originality to his successors.

Portrait of Bonaparte wearing his Consular swordmade by Nitot..., by Antoine Gros, 1802. Musée national de la Légion d’Honneur et des Ordres de Chevalerie, Paris.

Date replica of the ruby and diamond parure made by Nitot... for the Empress Marie-Louise, Nitot & Fils, circa 1811. Collection Chaumet Paris.

Portrait of the Empress Marie-Louise wearing the diamond... parure made by Nitot, by Robert Lefèvre, 1812. Collection Chaumet Paris.