Portrait of Empress Josephine in her « grand habit » with the... white gown and the red coat bordered of ermine, Robert Lefèvre, 1805. Rome, Museo.

Acrostic bracelets of the Empress Marie-Louise spelling the... names and dates of birth of the Emperor and the Empress, as well as the dates of their first meeting and wedding in 1810, Nitot & Fils, 1810. Private Collection.

Pair of wristwatches of Princess Augusta of Bavaria, Empress... Josephine’s daughter-in-law, attributed to Nitot & Fils, circa 1811. Private Collection.

The Coronation of Emperor Napoleon the First, by... Jacques-Louis David1805-1808, details: ladies-in-waiting of Josephine, the Princesses Caroline Murat and Pauline Borghèse, sisters of Napoleon, wearing tiaras. Musée du Louvre, département des Peintures, Paris.