1815-1880 :
The Romantic Period

After the fall of the Empire, Nitot’s successors devoted themselves to Romantic jewelry inspired by the decorative arts of the Italian Renaissance and of 17th century France. All the appeal and expertise of the firm also attracted a clientele composed of painters, sculptors, writers and theater actors.

By 1853, Paris had regained its place as the center of the world for luxury and fashion. A propitious atmosphere reigned for the creation of jewelry to be worn by day and by night with sumptuous evening dresses.

Portrait of the Duchess de Berri, wife of Louis XVIII’s nephew,... wearing some jewels by Fossin & Fils, by Alexandre-Jean Dubois-Drahonnet, 1827. Musée Dobrée, Nantes.

Pansy tiara, divisible into three brooches, Fossin & Fils, circa... 1860. Private Collection.