1880-1910 :
The Belle Epoque

It was with exceptional creativity inspired by the enchantment of nature that Joseph Chaumet established himself as the absolute Master of the Belle Epoque.
With his elegant creations, he attracted a royal and aristocratic clientele. Aigrettes and tiaras, social emblems and fashion accessories, became a very important part of the firm’s activity. Chaumet has produced more than
1,500 different models of tiaras.

« Bourbon-Parme » tiara, supplied by Joseph Chaumet ... in 1919 to the Duke de Doudeauville for the wedding of his daughter Hedwige with the Prince Sixte de Bourbon-Parme. Collection Chaumet Paris.

Details of the « Scrollwork » tiara, Joseph Chaumet, 1908.... Collection Chaumet Paris.

Diamond and pink topazes « Bowknot » tiara, Joseph... Chaumet, circa 1890. Collection Chaumet Paris.