1910 - 1930 :
Art Deco

Chaumet created simplified designs contained within rigid geometric outlines compatible with the boyish looks of the 1920s and the more feminine silhouette of the 1930s. This style called Art Deco from the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs held in Paris in 1925, is characterized by strong contrasts of materials, colors, and the cuts of the precious and semi-precious stones used.

Amethyst, diamond and enamel ring brooch, Joseph Chaumet..., 1924. Private collection.

Art Déco wristwatch in platinum and... diamonds, designed to be worn with other bracelets in the evening. Joseph Chaumet, 1925. Jaeger-LeCoultre movement. Chaumet Collection, Paris.

Portrait of Jenny Dolly, music-hall actress and... customer of Chaumet in the Twenties, by Jean-Gabriel Domergue.