1930 - 1970 :
From Tradition
To Modernity

Responding to the continuous social, economic and artistic changes, Chaumet has maintained its legendary reputation. Design is determined by the good taste of the contemporary Parisienne always in search of something new, different and gorgeous. Easy to wear, gold jewelry appears in a concept store.
This knowledge has continuously been passed down since two centuries, through every “chef d’atelier”. The Chaumet workshop located 12, place Vendôme, bears witness to this expertise.

Sketch for a diamond necklace, Chaumet..., circa 1950. Collection Chaumet Paris.

Portrait of Ann Gunning Parker, future Lady Nutting, wearing... Chaumet jewels, by Henry Clarke, 1953.

Sketch for a diamond and emerald necklace and for a... diamond aigrette, circa 1945. Collection Chaumet Paris.