9 rings, 5 million combinations

    Chaumet celebrates the expression of love through an irresistible collection of Bee my love rings. The bee has been a Chaumet icon since the days of the Empire, a symbol of power and immortality, and has now inspired a new collection of romantic jewellery: Bee my love. There are nine ring designs, each displaying the perfect

    geometry of the honeycomb, which can be worn alone or in infinite combinations.

    To satisfy every taste, the Bee my love rings are available in white, yellow or pink gold and in three styles: plain gold, semi or fully diamond-paved.

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  • The bee, the symbol of Napoleon I

    The bee was the symbol of Napoleon I, which was then adopted by his personal jeweller. Through the Attrape-moi si… tu m’aimes collection, the bee has become a Chaumet icon. It embodies the game of love, shared feelings and the power of the hive, a solid, everlasting home.

    As a tribute to this winged muse, Chaumet has now redesigned the honeycomb, the perfect hexagonal shape that structures the hive, with superb jewellery and luxury jewellery designs on which the bee comes to rest: tiaras, necklaces, watch straps, earrings, rings and brooches.

  • The workshop at 12, Place Vendôme

    To translate this motif with a precious lightness of touch, Chaumet called on all its talents – designers, jewellers, setters and polishers – who continue the tradition of Chaumet excellence every day at the workshop at 12, Place Vendôme, Paris. The gemstones are skilfully arranged to form three colour harmonies.
    - Blue harmony: lagoon blue precious Paraiba tourmalines, enhanced by three shades of blue

    sapphires, blended with the springtime green of Tsarovite garnet and diamonds, to make unique luxury jewellery white gold pieces;

    - Yellow harmony: yellow and orange “honey” coloured sapphires, dotted with diamonds, adorn the jewellery pieces and their queen bees on white gold;
    - Red harmony: red spinels and deep pink sapphires illuminate the diamond bees.

  • The collection uses three setting techniques, the first a hexagonal “honeycomb” form, specifically designed for the collection, the second a “four claw” setting, and lastly an exclusive circular setting for “robol” cut stones, which increase the radiance and depth of the colours.

    Luxury Jewellery is transforming...

    A tiara becomes a brooch and a necklace turns into precious earrings.
    Another prodigious feat from Chaumet - a necklace that transforms into earrings with the same delightful nuances.