• The legend of the Empress

    Chaumet’s Joséphine collection pays homage to the Empress Joséphine, its first muse and first customer. A woman of power and taste, Joséphine loved to wear fashionable, romantic bejewelled headwear, gifts from the Emperor Napoleon I. The Joséphine watches embody this unique heritage, expressing all of Chaumet’s excellence and expertise. As a nod to the fashion of the Empire, they use the design of the

    chérusque, a ruff often used on dresses at the time.

    Finely adorning the wrist, they are made from gold lace and a shower of diamonds in a slender, very feminine style.  To reinforce their vintage, Art Deco style, the magnifying effect of the glass magnifies the details of the dial such as the number 12, a reference to Chaumet's address at Place Vendôme.