• Joséphine, Chaumet's first muse

    Marie-Josèphe-Rose, the future Empress, was given her pet name of “Joséphine” by Napoleon Bonaparte. A woman of power and taste, Joséphine became the first eminent customer of Marie-Etienne Nitot, Chaumet’s founder, in 1780. It was for Josephine, who was crowned Empress

    on 2 December 1804, that Chaumet designed fashionable and romantic bejewelled headwear, gifts from the Emperor to his lucky star. Chaumet is now dedicating its new jewellery collection to Joséphine, a modern, free-thinking, daring woman.

    Joséphine or the art of style

    Strength and delicacy, balance and movement: the Joséphine collection, precious echo of its muse’s taste, expresses the Chaumet style, sophisticated and feminine, born of a constantly renewed illustrious history. 

    One knows her mostly as a woman of power, yet she is also a passionate lover. She happily ventures into the world of tender feelings where emotions are as sparkling as diamonds and as intricate as lace...