The game of seduction

    A metaphor for love play, the Attrape-moi… si tu m’aimes jewellery collection evokes the game of seduction.

    The naturalist designs are inspired by the web woven by a spider, collecting love in its threads. A joyful assortment of bees and spiders play on a web of gold, diamonds and gemstones.

    The art of the jeweller

    To produce these beautiful pieces, some ingenious technical feats have been achieved. Their construction is complex and the choice of stones is unique. Chaumet wanted to give life to these jewels by playing on contrasts, colours and transparency.

  • Harmonies of colour

    The hide-and-seek between the bee and the spider takes place on three settings:

    - flamboyant yellow gold set with citrine, fire opal, peridot and pink tourmaline;

    - tender, passionate pink gold, set with pyrope garnet, pink opal, amethyst and pink tourmaline;

    - or precious white gold set with lavender amethyst, chrysoprase, pink tourmaline and citrine.