• Spirit of the collection

    During the Napoleonic era, Chaumet created the first acrostic bracelets for Empress Joséphine and Empress Marie-Louise.

    Set with precious gemstones, the acrostic bracelets read like a poem. The initials of the names of each stone form a word, a secret message.

    With the ABC collection, Chaumet has reinvented the magic of the love letter, creating a line of jewellery that conveys a message of love.

    Above: Acrostic bracelets owned by Empress Marie-Louise forming the first names and dates of birth of the Emperor and Empress, and the dates of their meeting and marriage in 1810, Nitot & Fils, 1810. Private collection.

  • Tender messages from Chaumet

    To rewrite the world in the language of jewels, Chaumet has invented an alphabet of 26 stones: A for Amethyst, B for Beryl, C for Citrine, etc.

    “Amour”, “Aimer” and “Toi & Moi” are some of the tender messages conveyed on rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in the ABC collection.

  • Personalise your message

    You can also compose your own message using the 26 stones from the Chaumet alphabet, which our workshop will set onto a bracelet or choker in white or yellow gold.

    This service is exclusively offered in Chaumet stores, on special order only.