• The workshop at 12, Place Vendôme

    To translate this motif with a precious lightness of touch, Chaumet called on all its talents – designers, jewellers, setters and polishers – who continue the tradition of Chaumet excellence every day at the workshop at 12, Place Vendôme, Paris. The gemstones are skilfully arranged to form three colour harmonies.
    - Blue harmony: lagoon blue precious Paraiba tourmalines, enhanced by three shades of blue

    sapphires, blended with the springtime green of Tsarovite garnet and diamonds, to make unique luxury jewellery white gold pieces;

    - Yellow harmony: yellow and orange “honey” coloured sapphires, dotted with diamonds, adorn the jewellery pieces and their queen bees on white gold;
    - Red harmony: red spinels and deep pink sapphires illuminate the diamond bees.

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