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Lumières d'Eau

Loyal to the Maison's naturalistic tradition, Chaumet’s new High Jewellery collection celebrates water in its myriad forms… whispering streams, childhood ricochets, rain-drenched skies, sun-lit lakes, asymmetric stalactites and frozen beauties. 

Fifty-three exceptional pieces, divided into 12 sets,
make up this incredible flight into the imagination,
created for the 2014 Biennale Exhibition.

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Behind-the-scenes video

The creation

Set n°12

Winter’s water. Nature is captured in frost. Blocks of rock crystaland sparkling diamonds sculpt fantastic shapes, between rocks and comets.

The creation

Set n°4

The abyss. In the ocean’s depths, tanzanite treasures are discovered; starry earrings, a long necklace embellished with a tassel of graded lapis lazuli and black spinels, and a ring adorned with a tanzanite and sculpted lapis lazuli.

The creation

Set n°10

Dancing water. A torrent of High Jewellery rushes from its source with lightning speed to form swirls of pear-shaped diamonds.

The creation

Set n°11

Golden light. Yellow sapphires gleam in the light of the South Seas. The three-row long necklace of yellow sapphires and golden pearls is a wonder of radiance.


Mon lien au Temps

"When I choose a watch, I'm looking for something both casual and formal, that I can wear for any occasion."

"Its feminine design is perfectly adapted to formal situations, and it suits my every day style too."


Mon lien au Temps

"How would you reply if I asked what your watch meant to you? Is it one of life's necessities, or a fashion accessory? Or both? In truth, watches have a special significance for women."

"One thing shared by both watches and women is that they embody an attitude to life."