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Perspectives de Chaumet

This autumn, the Maison has unveiled its new High Jewellery collection, Perspectives de Chaumet. Born in 12 Vendôme's workshop, these 80 unique creations reinterpret the theme of architecture, between innovation and tradition.


Bee My Love, new precious pieces

Diamond choker, tennis bracelet, Y necklace... More precious than ever, the Bee My Love collection is enriched by new graphic creations.


Reopening 12 Vendôme

As the Maison celebrates its 240th anniversary this year, Chaumet celebrates the reopening of its hôtel particulier at 12 Vendôme to the public.


The Liens that matter

Jeux de Liens, Liens Évidence, Liens Séduction, Liens d'Amour... Which precious special gift will you choose this Valentine’s Day?


Chaumet Tiaras

Chaumet is enriching its library with the addition of a new book, published by Thames & Hudson, Chaumet Tiaras: Divine Jewels.


Jeux de Liens Harmony

Discover the new Jeux de Liens Harmony medallions, which can be engraved on the reverse as a unique gift.


Chaumet Behind The Scenes

Published by La Martinière in November 2019, the book Chaumet Behind the Scenes reveals for the first time the daily life and important events of a High Jewellery maison, as portrayed by the photographer Julien Falsimagne.


Chaumet at the 2019 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève

On the occasion of the 19th Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, Chaumet turns a spotlight on Soleil de Minuit, its High Jewellery Flying Tourbillon watch, pre-selected in the women’s complication category.


Graphic setting

Starting from September 26, the spotlight will shine on Bee My Love, the iconic and graphic Chaumet collection, in a pop-up on the 1st floor of the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.


Lotte Avenuel Chaumet Boutique Renewal Open

Starting October 2019, Lotte Avenuel Chaumet Boutique will open with new interior concept.