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Soleil de Feu necklace

REFERENCE : 083556

Necklace in white and rose gold, set with 4 oval-cut Mandarin garnets weighing 18.30, 4.00, 2.13 and 2.10 carats, 6 pear-shaped Mandarin garnets weighing 2.91, 2.10, 1.66, 1.60, 1.30 and 0.63 carats, 5 pear-shaped yellow sapphires weighing 4.78, 1.87, 1.81, 1.81 and 1.12 carats from Ceylon, 5 oval-cut yellow sapphires weighing 3.46, 2.26, 1.89, 1.82, 1.36 carats from Ceylon, 1 oval-cut yellow sapphire weighing 1.39 carats from Madagascar, a cushion-cut yellow sapphire weighing 1.69 carats from Ceylon, a pear-shaped yellow sapphire weighing 0.92 carat from Madagascar, a cushion-cut pink-orange sapphire weighing 2.70 carats from Madagascar, 3 cushion-cut Padparadscha sapphires weighing 2.24, 1.50 and 1.41 carats from Madagascar, a cushion-cut Padparadscha sapphire weighing 1.44 carats from Ceylon, an oval-cut Padparadscha sapphire from Ceylon weighing 1.58 carats, 1 pear-shaped D VVS2 diamond weighing 1.51 carats, 4 pear-shaped D/E VVS diamonds weighing 0.54, 0.52, 0.52 and 0.40 carats, pear shaped, oval-cut and round yellow sapphires, oval-cut and round red spinels, pear-shaped and round Mandarin garnets, briolette-cut and round orange sapphires and pear-shaped, oval-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds.

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