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Virtuoso Conversations

The latest episode of the Chaumet podcast

Maison Chaumet invites you to discover the latest episode of its podcast, Conversations Virtuoses. An extraordinary dive into the constantly renewed creativity and expertise of one of the oldest French jewellery maisons.

As the Maison celebrated its 240th anniversary recently, Chaumet is orchestrating a series of expert and inspired conversations between artists, craftsmen, and its own virtuosos.

Available on all major broadcast platforms, the episodes take turns addressing the themes of lightness, colour, light, design and architecture. Meetings of minds that cultivate and shine a light on the Maison’s unique savoir-faire, the Chaumet virtuosity, thus offering a new perspective on the mysterious and miraculous world of jewellery.
New episode
“The tiara is an architectural piece, in the sense that it is the formation and realisation of a design and a project”.

Ehssan Moazen, Director of Chaumet’s Creation Studio, meets Aurélien Coulanges, architect and Jean Nouvel’s right-hand man. Legacy, composition and creation... Discover the inspiring exchange between these two virtuosos.

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(Re)discover previous episodes

Episode 1
"Voids are sculpted as much as metal."

Jeweller Benoît Verhulle, Maison Chaumet’s 13th workshop head, meets bronze artist Pierre Salagnac to discuss matter and the air that shapes its contours, to learn how to truly look at an object and to transmit the art of virtuosity.

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Episode 2
"Choosing stones with very particular tonalities is very dear to our heart, at Chaumet. To some extent, it has become our signature."

Coloured stones expert at Maison Chaumet Françoise meets contemporary mosaic artist Béatrice Serre. A meeting of minds on colour, composition and intuition.

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Episode 3
"The proportions given during diamond cutting shape the light. We sculpt light."

Pascal, the Maison’s diamond expert, meets architectural glassmaker Emmanuel Barrois. An inspired conversation on the light and soul of the matter.

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Episode 4
The Art of the Line
"The design piece is so pure. The lines so simple. It seems obvious but not when you're drawing it.”

Séverine et Gervaise, heads of Chaumet’s design studio, meet Nicolas Pinon, plant-based lacquer specialist. An intimate moment, with the three virtuosos alternately evoking the meticulousness of movement, patience and the art of colour.

Also available on :
Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Deezer
Discover also
Founded in 1780, Chaumet was the very first jewellery Maison to open up in the legendary Place Vendôme in 1812.