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High Jewellery

Perspectives de Chaumet

Born in 12 Vendôme’s workshop, the Perspectives de Chaumet High Jewellery collection explores the theme of architecture in six chapters, or six perspectives on modernity, innovation and heritage. From the Italian Renaissance to the Bauhaus movement, each set created by the Maison’s architect-craftsmen offers a singular vision of these aesthetics and of their constructions.

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Sculpting light, sublimating stones, defying balance, creating pieces whose complexity is eclipsed by an impression of movement and lightness... With Perspectives de Chaumet, the Maison has pushed the boundaries of jewellery further than ever.

Perspectives on light

Since light is a fundamental element in both architecture and jewellery, Perspectives de Chaumet features gold in all its shimmering shades. The collection is brought to life by yellow gold and its sunny hues similarly to the avant-garde creations that the jeweller Pierre Sterlé designed for the Maison in the 1970s.

See the creations
Perspectives de Chaumet High Jewellery collection
Preparatory drawing for the Labyrinthe necklace
The Lux creations and their captivating Australian opals are emblematic of Chaumet's virtuosity in unearthing extraordinary stones selected for their rarity and the richness of their hue. This resulted in a sublime play of contrasts amongst the jewels that adorn these sets. The art of colour has come to its apogee in the Labyrinthe creations where the bewitching nuances of sapphires are declined from the orange-pink padparadscha sapphire of Ceylon to the vivid blue sapphire from Burma.

Perspectives on transmission

The fil couteau, which is the Maison’s signature jewellery technique, aims to dissimulate the metal in order to further sublimate the stones. Here, it provides a structure to airy creations like diamond meshes.

Evocative of a maze of alleyways, the white gold interlacings create symmetrical and delicate jewels, just as the collection’s dainty tiara. It is a deliberately contemporary creation that was intended as a new perspective on the Chaumet tradition in which the tiara plays a central role.

See the creations
Perspectives de Chaumet High Jewellery collection
Skyline transformable ring
Finally, the Perspectives de Chaumet High Jewellery collection revisists the unprecedented tradition of transformable jewels for which the Maison has earned renown since the end of the 18th century with the Mirage tiara or the Skyline ring, both of which can be worn individually or combined.
Perspectives de Chaumet High Jewellery collection
Lacis tiara -  - Chaumet Lacis tiara -  - Chaumet
Lacis tiara -  - Chaumet
Lacis tiara
Price on demand

Perspectives on innovation

Similarly to a virtuoso artist, the Maison innovates continually to create ever more exceptional pieces. Inspired by deconstructivist architecture, Ondulation celerates the art of movement. This jewellery set is the fruition of the Maison’s bicentenary craftsmanship and 3D technology applied to High Jewellery. This alliance of tradition and modernity has pushed the boundaries of virtuosity even further.

See the creations
Perspectives de Chaumet High Jewellery collection
Ondulation necklace
The majestic Ondulation necklace perfectly represents this approach. The central stone, an incredible 30.22-carat indicolite tourmaline with shades of bluish-green, appears balanced between two sections of gold. To create undulation and give the necklace its movement, the jewellers of the Chaumet workshop have concealed a titanium wire in its structure. This technique maintains the shape of the necklace while lending it the sensual suppleness of a second skin that perfectly embraces the neck.

Discover the creations

Architecture has been one of the cornerstones of Chaumet’s stylistic repertoire since 240 years. From Pierre Sterlé’s creations for the Maison in the 1970s to the “Rohan” articulated choker necklace and its modern echo in the Lacis creations, Chaumet has constantly reinterpreted this foundational theme.

Earlier in 2020, as the Maison celebrated its 240th anniversary, Chaumet reopened its historic address on 12 Place Vendôme. To mark the occasion, the Maison’s workshop revealed a brand-new collection of High Jewellery, Trésors d’Ailleurs. The Maison is once again transposing through jewellery this radically new form of construction. It balances classicism, dazzling creativity and constant innovation with grace and character, forging the image of what Chaumet is today in filigree.