Emblem of victory and an ode to Apollo, the evergreen laurel also celebrates immortality. With triumphant femininity, it is adorned here with shades of blue and pink. The suppleness and movement of the pieces evoke Apollo and Daphne’s love chase.

Firmament apollinien

The Firmament apollinien jewellery set offers glory and beauty to its wearer, combining the celestial blue of Burmese sapphires with the opalescent blue of sculpted moonstone. It is made up of two large necklaces, one of which is transformable, a majestic tiara that can also be worn as a slender bandeau, two rings, two pairs of earrings offering variations of wear and a tourbillon volant complication watch.

Firmament apollinien necklace in white gold, set with five cushion-cut sapphires from Ceylon weighing 10.69, 8.71, 5.62, 4.69 and 4.36 carats,

thirty-four brilliant-cut D/E-VVS diamonds weighing 14.72 carats, moonstone motifs, beads and cabochon-cut sapphires, and brilliant-cut diamonds.

The lower part of the necklace can be removed, so that the necklace can be worn in another way.

Frise divine

The sculpted chalcedony, sapphires and spinels of the Frise divine ensemble create a gradation of lavender blue, violet and pink tones. Repeated motifs of bending leaves are subtly enhanced by the finest yellow gold threading. The collection includes a cuff watch and a brooch that transforms into a bracelet, a second bracelet and three rings.

Métamorphoses de Daphné

The five pieces of the Métamorphoses de Daphné theme - a necklace, two rings, a pair of earrings and a brooch - are set with pink spinels of varying hues and some of the leaves are highlighted by a black rhodium accent. The large brooch depicts a vibrant branch from which luscious berry drops sway with the movement.


Métamorphoses de Daphné brooch in white gold, set with five oval-cut pink spinels from Tajikistan,

weighing 2.72, 1.96, 1.88, 1.86 and 1.83 carats, and brilliant-cut diamonds.