A story of Aigrettes

Creativity, stature, elation. The Roaring Twenties were a festive era during which the polite society mingled with intellectuals and artists to cultivate the art of enjoying oneself. Charleston and jazz music filled Parisian cabarets where American and English soldiers and socialites looked for all possible novelties. Women wore evening dresses, sautoirs and adorned their impeccable hairstyles with all sorts of bejewelled head ornaments embellished with aigrette feathers. At that time, Chaumet created magnificent naturalist motifs as well as extremely delicate tiaras refined by a spray of slender feathers.

"Rising sun" Aigrette
Platinum, emerald, diamonds
Joseph Chaumet, 1914
Chaumet Paris Collection
A tiara, but first and foremost a fashion accessory

Light and precious, this jewelled fashion accessory is named after the feathers that adorn it, that can be changed depending on the occasion and outfit. Less formal than the tiara, the aigrette nevertheless gives an air of celebration and lengthens the silhouette.


Bold without being ostentatious, an alternative to the popular stars and crescents of the late 19th century, the Soleil was introduced by Chaumet in around 1900. In the centre of this aigrette from 1914, an emerald shines with all its powerful and delicate rays, a dawn full of promises.

Aigrettes of yesterday and today
From left to right:

Drawings of diamond and pearl aigrettes, Joseph Chaumet, circa 1900.

Joséphine "Aigrette" ring in white gold and diamonds.

12 Vendôme white gold aigrette with feathers, set with diamonds, a white opal, blue tourmalines and purple tanzanite.

Joséphine "Aigrette impériale"

Like sparkling droplets, the stones and their airy setting frame the central pear-shaped diamond with dazzling light. Regally crowning the finger, the Aigrette Impériale adds a touch of majesty to Joséphine’s garden.


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