A story of "Liens"

The "liens" motif appears very early on in the history of Chaumet, from its creation in 1780. It is part of the tradition of the Bijoux de Sentiments, romantic jewellery – intimate companions, bearers of secret messages, and the Lacs d’Amour – signs of true and enduring friendship, of sworn and therefore unfailing faith. It also features in the archives dating from the Belle Epoque or Art Deco years, on the preliminary designs for tiaras, brooches and necklaces.

Detail of an articulated choker necklace, which can be turned into a bandeau
Gold, silver, sapphire and diamonds
Joseph Chaumet, 1907
"Liens" of yesterday and today

Symbolically, the "lien" is this thread that attaches two beings and draws their destiny closer. It surprises us in its relation to the other, the others, to the world and even to itself. The affective and sentimental dimension of the jewel emerges here, marking the important stages and experiences of a life.

Form left to right:

Design for a choker necklace with crossed ribbons, convertible into a headband, Joseph Chaumet, circa 1905.

Evening bag with braided gold and baguette-cut diamonds, Pierre Sterlé for Chaumet, 1964 (Private collection).

Liens earrings in diamonds, rock cristal and pearls, Chaumet, 2013.

Liens watch in pink gold and diamonds, Chaumet, 2015.

Liens High Jewellery or the art of attachment

Intertwine delicate ties above which a precious stone seems to float. Create a subtle geometry where two diamond-set ties cross over. Impeccable construction, vaporous or sculptural lines, a jewel held in place with a precious tie made of interwoven baguette and round diamonds.


Sing a song of diamonds, but also of sapphires, aquamarines and tourmalines. One is white, luminous, stunning, sparkling. The others are blue, deep or crystalline, majestic. Treat each stone like a star, enhance hues and translucency by combining brilliant and cushion cuts.

Liens High Jewellery collection

Creations that borrow from the language of couture to reinvent the "lien", so special to Chaumet: scrupulous construction, voluptuous or sculpted line, a jewel held by a link of artfully woven baguette-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds.


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