Chaumet, at the heart of marriage
At the beginning was love, and Chaumet tells the story. New collections, a boutique dedicated to marriage and a mobile phone application: the Maison invites lovers to discover the unique experience of the inimitable Parisian art de vivre. Emotions and surprises await.
The triumph of love

Chaumet has placed happiness at the apex of its creativity since 1780, celebrating tender feelings, love and passion. In the beginning it was the love between Napoleon and Josephine that inspired the Maison’s founder, Nitot. The intimate witness of its client’s most cherished moments, Chaumet provided precious milestones to mark their personal lives: engagement rings, wedding bands, tiaras… eternal symbols that accompany the ceremonies of affection. From the tiara to the aigrette ring, marriage, the founding ceremony of the Maison’s identity, holds a place of honour in Chaumet creations. 

Eternal symbols

The Maison’s creations exalt the bond between two beings and offer infinite possibilities for a unique event. All of the Maison’s collections accompany declarations of love and the emotions that surround them, with the unmistakable Chaumet style of airy settings perfectly enhancing the splendour of diamonds.  

The signature solitaires combine masterful composition with the power of the symbol. Echoing the exquisite taste of its muse, the Joséphine collection reinterprets the tiara in a contemporary way, with elegance and lightness. Crowning the finger, it is an alliance of structure and femininity with its pear shaped or cushion cut central stones. 


The Liens collection evokes the ties between two souls, paying tribute to life’s most special moments. Like the precious ribbons and bowknots dear to Queen Marie-Antoinette, the iconic motif interlaces, ties and unties, in the tradition of sentimental jewellery.  

The classic engagement rings enhance the beauty of exceptional stones. Torsade, whose band evokes a ribbon, a clinging branch of ivy or the frieze that curls around the Vendome column is embellished today with a solitary diamond. The new Plume ring clasps the stone in its centre with delicacy, offering the lightness of a feather, a motif dear to Chaumet’s heart since the Second Empire. Bee my Love is now adorned with a diamond while Frisson’s characteristic asymmetrical five-prong setting enhances its own.  


For Chaumet, solitaires and wedding bands are a perfect fit. Each signature collection has been enriched with a stackable wedding band; the iconic Joséphine takes on the V-shape of the aigrette, Liens curves to welcome the crossing ribbon motif and the graphic honeycomb structure of Bee my Love nests into that of its solitaire. Torsade and Plume also echo the lines of the collection. A selection of simple bands, Les Intemporelles, offers pavé-set models, with rounded or beveled edges, for men and women. 

For men, the Liens wedding band and Dandy watch express the discreet elegance of the esthete. Heirs of the Chaumet visual codes, these pieces evoke style rather than fashion. 


Even though the choice of engagement ring and wedding band is the quintessential gift of love, Chaumet also offers jewellery sets for every taste. The Joséphine, Liens and Frisson collections feature bracelets, pendant-earrings, necklaces and pendants, set with diamonds or coloured stones. The most majestic of wedding jewels, Joséphine tiaras crown today’s woman with a sparkling halo. 

Joséphine Collection
The collection pays homage to the Maison’s first muse, Joséphine, and to the power of love. The tiara transforms into a ring, crowning the finger with the majestic beauty of a pear shaped diamond.
Liens Collection
Whether tied, crossed-over or interlaced, the iconic and architectural lien motif is adorned with diamonds to become an exquisite symbol of enduring emotion.
Bee my love Collection
The diamond bee and the honeycomb motif celebrate an imperial pledge of love with these precious wedding bands.
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