Chaumet's new decor

There is something of Paris in the Hong Kong air… Chaumet transforms and reveals its new decor in the Elements shopping mall boutique, where Nature is everywhere. Refined and luxurious, intimate and feminine, undeniably Parisian, this showcase setting truly expresses the Maison’s identity. With poetry and emotion.  

Inspired by the French art-of-living, the space evokes the interior of a Parisian private mansion, in a modern interpretation of 18th century style.  Elegant in every detail, unique thanks to the many artisans who contributed to its execution, it tells the story of Chaumet. 


The glossary: a decor rich in references

The boutique conjures both the poetic universe and the majesty of Chaumet, taking inspiration from the emblematic themes and fundamentals of the Maison. 

The deep blue. close to the unique Bleu de Sèvres shade created by the eponymous Manufacture from cobalt oxide, the colour has always been a major visual code of Chaumet’s. Classically distinctive and referring to the royal courts, its presence here and there, displayed with precious materials, enhances the different spaces of the boutique.

The tiara. a Chaumet symbol, it is the icon of the Maison’s majesty and a reminder of the exceptional savoir-faire required to create these attributes of power and glory. A fashion accessory, a status symbol, it is the sovereign of wedding jewels and reigns over sparkling parties with exuberance.  Here, we rediscover the Bourbon-Parme tiara, an airy creation of 1919, commissioned for a royal marriage, in a stylised and oversized bas-relief ; there, is revealed a display of painted nickel-silver models designed for fitting the special orders.   

The ears of wheat. one of the Maison’s historic themes, a symbol of life and opulence, the wheat motif has been constantly reinterpreted through time, starting with the tiara featuring nine diamond-ripe ears blowing in the wind created in 1811 for the Empress Marie-Louise, stunning in its modernity. Acting as links between the different spaces of the boutique, the motifs embody Chaumet’s living, untamed and lissom nature. Lightly bending in the wind, they flourish, embellishing the walls and a circular display window. 

"The spirit of enlightment". in homage to the style of the 18th century, which greatly inspired the Maison’s creations, the interior decor calls upon the elements typical of Parisian salons at the time; the trimmings, the rounded Louis XVI-inspired furniture and the magnificent chandelier hanging in the entrance. Materials of exquisite quality mix and match to create subtle gradations of blue, grey, beige, gold and silver tones, paying tribute to the colours of Paris and the Place Vendôme. 

State of the art

Combining fluidity and graphic lines, opulence and cosiness, this decor is born of the expert skills of artistic-craftsmen. The gestures of creation are visible everywhere, echoing the savoir-faire of the jewellers. Let us take a tour of these sleights of hand which give the boutique sophistication and character. 

Airy embroideries, ears of wheat embroidered on a Parisian sky
Telluric energy for a spectacular piece of alabaster stone
Bourbon-Parme tiara as a bas-relief, jewellery sculpture
Sculpted friezes to narrate story of Chaumet’s iconic collections: Joséphine, Liens and Jardins.
Rite of passage: a great double-leaf glass door engraved and gilded with gold
Leafy haven on a plaster and mat gold fresco
The visit: stroll through the world of Chaumet

The boutique’s warm and welcoming architecture invites us to wander into the universe of the Maison. The different spaces are seamlessly arranged to tell the story of all the collections. The stroll starts at the entrance where an ensemble of three rounded counters form a circular display that offers a first discovery of Chaumet’s major jewellery themes. 

Photo credit: Véronique Mati

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