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On the occasion of the re-opening of its boutique on rue François Ier, Chaumet is organizing a photo contest around Liens. 

The author of the most creative photo will be awarded a photo shoot and a dinner in a Parisian Michelin-starred restaurant, to share with the person of their choice. 

“Tribus” (Tribes), “Inséparables” (Inseparable), “Amoureux” (In Love), “Âmes-sœurs” (Soulmates): everyone is invited to 56, rue François Ier, to choose a blue Chaumet ribbon printed with one of these messages. It’s up to you then to stage yourself and your ribbon “tied” to a symbol or a friend, a family member, boyfriend or girlfriend, child, confidant, spouse…and tell your story of Liens with a photo. 

The photo must be posted on Instagram with the mentions #StoriesofLiens and @chaumetofficial. 
Participations are open until Sunday 24th of December.


#StoriesofLiens perpetuates the Chaumet tradition of sentimental jewels, intimate symbols of affection and bearers of secret messages. The four Liens collections; Liens Évidence, Liens d'Amour, Jeux de Liens and the latest Liens Séduction, tell the story of the multiple facets of attachment, from light-hearted playful seduction to the commitment of enduring love, from tender feelings to the promise of everlasting friendship. 

This photo contest is the occasion to rediscover the boutique on rue François Ier. Inspired by the French art of living, it expresses Chaumet’s poetic and naturalistic universe in an elegant atmosphere. Ears of wheat in sculpted wood and subtle gradations of blue illustrate the emblematic codes of the Chaumet culture. 

The rules of the photo contest are available below.




CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL, a limited company with a capital of 35.082.670 €, registered with the RCS commerce registry of PARIS under the number B 342 966 942, whose official headquarters are located at 12, place Vendôme, 75001 PARIS, is organising a free entrance contest without any obligation to purchase, make an order or make a financial contribution of any kind, on the occasion of the re-opening of its boutique at nº56, rue François 1er, the entrance to which is free.  



This contest is open to any person aged 18 and over at the time of their participation.

Participation is forbidden to any person(s) to whom the conditions below are applicable, and in any case:

  • employees, management and/or personnel, of CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL
  • persons having participated in the organisation of this contest.  
  • their family members.



To enter and participate in the contest you must:

1°) go to the Chaumet boutique situated at 56, rue François Ier, 75008 Paris, between 10.30 a.m. on Friday the 8th of December 2017 and 4.00 p.m. on Sunday the 247th December 2017.

2°) obtain a ribbon from a salesperson at the boutique, choosing 1  from a selection of 4 options: Âmes Sœurs (Soulmates) ribbon, Amoureux (In Love) ribbon, Inséparables (Inseparable) ribbon or Tribus (Tribes) ribbon.

3°) use the Chaumet ribbon you have selected to express an unbreakable tie or attachment that bonds you to a person, a place, in the setting and situation of your choice and take a photo of it.

4°) post the photo on your Instagram account using the hashtag #StoriesofLiens and the mention @chaumetofficial, between 10.30 a.m, Friday 8th December 2017. and 11.59 p.m Sunday 24th December 2017. Photos posted on any another social media network or after the deadline has passed will not be accepted.

In the case of a shortage of ribbons before the closing date of Sunday 24th December, participation in the contest  will not be possible.  Photos using  non-official Chaumet ribbons will not be taken into account.



Participants can enter as many photos as they wish using as many Instagram accounts as they wish.

The Instagram account used to post the photos must be public: photos and content must be accessible to all. 

CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to carry out any verification that the present article, and all of the contest rules, have been respected, particularly to ensure that no participant has infringed them, or the law, in any way.  



The contest prize, described below, is valid for two people only, and on a day of your choice:

privileged access to the Salons Chaumet, located at 12 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris
a photoshoot session carried out in the Salons Chaumet by a professional team comprising a hairdresser, a makeup artist and a photographer
a dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant

The prize winner may be accompanied by the person of their choice.

The prize, capped at a value of 5000 euros, is non-negotiable, cannot be broken up or claimed in cash or any other monetary equivalent.

The prize cannot be subjected, on the part of the winner, to contestation, or request for exchange with a financial sum or any other request for replacement or exchange for any reason whatsoever.

The indicated value of the prize corresponds to the current public price, tax included, estimated at the time of the establishment of the rules; it is provided as an indication and may vary.  

CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to replace the prize, entirely or in part, by another of at least equivalent value, in the case of difficulty in implementing what was announced, in particular in the case of circumstances beyond its control.



One  winner will be designated amongst all the participants, after verification of their eligibility and as a result of the jury’s decision, the jury being made up of 5 CHAUMET company members. 

The jury will meet before the 15/01/2018 to deliberate.

CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to replace one or several members of the jury in case of difficulty in bringing them together, in particular in case of circumstances beyond its control.

The criteria for the selection of the winner are the following:

1°) the winning photo is not offensive and does not attack standards of public decency or demean a physical or moral person,  

2°) the mandatory presence on the photo of a Chaumet ribbon, chosen among one of the 4 options presented,  

3°) the presence of at least one person on the photo,

4°) the originality of the way the ribbon is presented on the photo,

5°) the aesthetic quality of the photo and the interpretation of a type of “tie”, of attachment.

During the deliberation of the jury, there will also be established a shortlist of runners-up, in the eventuality that, after verification, the winner’s eligibility is judged as non-valid, or for any other reason requiring the nomination of another participant as the winner, in particular if the winner does not acknowledge the private message sent to him or her within a time limit of 30 days.  

The Jury’s decision is sovereign, no complaints or claims regarding the designation of the winner will be applicable.  



The winner will be contacted via a private message on Instagram before 30/01/2018. The private message will be sent by @chaumetofficial and the only recipient will be the Instagram account that posted the winner’s photo.

The winner will be notified of the conditions he or she will have to comply to in order to be awarded the prize.

Non-winners will not be notified.

Participating gives Chaumet the right to re-post, in its name, the photos of its choice among those entered and presented during the contest.  

Each participant commits to, under his or her responsibility, not copying, even partially, an existing model and respecting the copyright laws (articles L 111-1 and following, in the French Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle), as well as, if need be, the laws regarding the protection of physical persons, of their privacy and image (articles 7 to 15 of the French Code Civil and articles 226-1 to 226-7 of the French Code Pénal), or any new legislation that could eventually replace or amend them.

The winner certifies that his or her work is completely original, free of all rights, and contains no reproduction or borrowing, even partial, of another piece of work, in any way whatsoever.

Moreover, he or she must ensure that they obtain the permission of any persons on the photo for the publication of their image. 

Consequently, the organiser of the contest will in no way whatsoever be held responsible in the case of a complaint or claim issued by a third party, and the winner commits to taking responsibility in the eventuality of a legal charge resulting from the use, in any way whatsoever, of the piece of work submitted in the contest as his or her own creation.

The company CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL will not be held responsible for the way the participant’s photos have been staged. Any resemblance with a fictional or existing person will be considered as purely coincidental. The participants are solely responsible for the staging of their photos, particularly in the case of the possibility of presenting a danger to themselves and/or to others.  

The winner authorises CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL to publish their image (photographs or films) during the use of the prize, this will not lead to any right, fee or compensation in addition to the stipulated prize.

This operation is subject to French legislation (Loi n° 78-17 Informatique et Libertés January 6 1978), giving the participants the right to access, correct or eliminate any personal information on file and used by CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL, by writing to the company.



The responsibility of CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL and of the François Ier boutique will not be incurred if, in case “force majeure” or for a reason independent of its will, the stated contest should be modified, shortened or cancelled.  

CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL reserves the right, in any case, to prolong the time limit for participation and postpone any declared date.

Additions or modifications to these rules may be published during the contest, in particular through public posting. These will be considered as amendments to the present rules. Any addition or modification of The Rules will be registered once more with the company SCP PARKER et PERROT and considered as valid from the date of publication. Any Participant will be considered as having accepted the addition or modification from the moment of validity, by the simple fact of having participated in the Contest.



This game is subject exclusively to French law.

Any question regarding application or interpretation of the rules, or any other question that should arise, will be decided upon in a sovereign capacity and without any possibility of appeal, by CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL or by the jury or by Maîtres PARKER & PERROT, depending on the type of question and with respect to French law.



Participating in this game presupposes pure and simple acceptance of the present rules in their entirety, which will be considered as having the same value as a contract.

The rules in full will be registered with the private professional company Raynald PARKER et Raphaël PERROT, partnered Officers of Justice, located at 7 avenue de la Grande Armée, 75116 PARIS, where a copy of any document announcing this game to the public will also be published.

The rules in full will be addressed to any person who requests them, in writing, sent before the participation time limit, to: CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL, “Demande du règlement du concours”, 12 place Vendôme, 75001 PARIS.

The rules are also available for consultation on the premises of the François 1er boutique, participating in the operation.  

They will also be available, as well as any amendments, on the internet site of CHAUMET INTERNATIONAL, at the following address:

For any additional information regarding the photo contest, we invite you to contact our Customer Service ( or +33 (0)1 44 77 26 26).

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