Creative complications

Chaumet reinterprets the telling of time and accomplishes an exceptional technical feat with the creation of an unprecedented and exclusive new caliber.



A master of naturalism, Chaumet has celebrated nature in movement for over 200 years. Today, the Maison explores the myriad subtleties of the hydrangea flower. Thanks to a new and exclusive calibre, hydrangea flowers of different shapes and sizes replace the traditional hands.

In this creation, nature, movement and time come together to reveal a floral composition animated by two flowers that orchestrate the tempo of hours and minutes. Thus, time evolves in a graceful dance, a ballet of spectacular petals.

Nature in movement

On the dial, the scenography reveals a stylised and touching ode to nature: brought to life in spectacular sculpted relief, the decor celebrates the art of jewellers, engravers, stone setters, hard stone sculptors and enamellers.


Two hydrangea blooms, distinguished by their elegant movements, take centre stage; the central diamond-set flower performs pirouettes as it indicates the hours with a pink sapphire petal. The second blossom, dressed in pink mother-of-pearl, moves gracefully around the first, animated by the rhythm of the seconds.


Thus, time is unveiled in a magical pageant, powered by a new self-winding mechanical movement born of the finest Swiss watchmaking tradition.

The bee and the spider…

The new creative complication watch Attrape-moi sets the scene for a ballet between the Maison’s iconic bee and the spider, in a décor which is as spectacular as it is exquisite.



It is an eternal love story, a game of temptation as old as time

Mounted on two off-centred rails, the spider and the bee each follow their own distinct and intermittent path on the web. Adding exquisite detail to the creative complication, the bezel features diamond-set indexes for the minutes and twelve pink gold cabochons indicating the hours. The visual effect is captivating.


The spider moves with the pace of the hours, slowly and patiently, waiting for its prey. The carefree bee boldly tempts it by the minute, edging closer and closer to its hunter until it brushes one of its legs with its wing. The dial is adorned with 43 mother-of-pearl elements representing a spider’s web, highlighted by brilliant-cut diamonds, creating a spectacular relief effect. The exquisite aesthetics, supported by the piece’s technical prowess, embody the emotion of precious time.

Exceptional dials
All these dials express a different dimension of time, of movement, of emotion and celebrate the craftsmanship of the jewellers, engravers, stone setters and sculptors, miniature painters and watchmakers.
Jewellery expertise dedicated to time
Engraving, enameling and stone setting: behind each of the artistic crafts lies an obsession for detail which endows each of the Maison’s pieces with a unique value.
Swiss watchmaking tradition
The Maison combines the best Swiss watchmaking know-how, tradition and complex movements with its Parisian refinement it masters so well.
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