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Chaumet has been celebrating life and love since 1780. Immortalising the affairs of the heart in treasured tokens, the Parisian jeweller unfailingly captures the heartbeat of the age. Pieces are created for occasions; to commemorate happy events, both public and private, from elaborate ceremonial jewellery to the dainty discretion of a birth charm. These are one-of-a-kind creations made to mark once-in-alifetime events.

Reflecting the sentiment of an era, these precious keepsakes capture the unique nature of love. Each one designed to express the specific personality and style of a very special person, the pieces imbue jewellery with soul. This second exhibit, Une Éducation Sentimentale, invites the visitor to discover Chaumet’s love stories over the centuries by means of a selection of historic pieces that sparkle with life.

Sentimental souls will be swept away on the wings of passions past and present. Tiaras glitter in all their crowning glory, the Liens necklace weaves a string of kisses and the Escapade de Chaumet bracelet captivates the gaze with its unusual curves. Corbeille de mariage gifts embody a fiancé’s commitment to his betrothed, while the “morning gift” traditionally presented just after the wedding night symbolises a new level of intimacy.