La Nature de Chaumet collection offers a view of the symbolic herbarium created by the Maison since its beginnings. This selection of drawings and photographs, dating from 1885 to 1938, illustrates a narration that is both constantly renewed and faithful to the fundamental style of Chaumet. The laurel, the ear of wheat, the oak and the lily motifs are alternatively ultra-figurative or stylised, adorning jewels that are sometimes opulent or sometimes simple, always with volume, movement, and height. Majesty and grace, power and delicacy: from one period to another the Maison writes new chapters of a story that celebrates nuance and composition, opposites brought together in stunning contrasts. Nature interpreted by Chaumet teems with life, it is an ode to the eternal cycle of plants, foliage and berries, from bud to bloom.

Le Laurier


Laurel branch, element of a tiara, circa 1900

Necklace with criss-cross motifs, 1951

Laurel tiara,

circa 1885

L' Épi de Blé

Wheat sheaf aigrette,

circa 1900

Wheat tiara,

circa 1905-1910

Tied ears of wheat aigrette,

circa 1900

Le Chêne


Oak leaves tiara, circa 1900-1905.

Oak brooch,

circa 1890

Oak leaves and acorns tiara,

circa 1903

Le Lys

Fleur-de-lis and reed branches tiara,


Lily clip,


Lily bud brooch,

circa 1900