Every month, we offer you two perspectives – a review of our historic pieces through the Story of... chronicle. Discover too the Latest News from Chaumet along with our Precious Moments, captured for you on our Instagram account @ChaumetOfficial.

A story of…

A story of Aigrettes

The Roaring Twenties were a festive era during which the polite society mingled with intellectuals and artists to cultivate the art of enjoying oneself.

A story of "Liens"

The "liens" motif appears very early on in the history of Chaumet, from its creation in 1780. It is part of the tradition of the Bijoux de Sentiments, romantic jewellery – intimate companions, bearers of secret messages, and the Lacs d’Amour – signs of true and enduring friendship, of sworn and therefore unfailing faith.

It also features in the archives dating from the Belle Epoque or Art Deco years, on the preliminary designs for tiaras, brooches and necklaces.


News in brief


Preview of the exhibition “Une Éducation Sentimentale”

On February 4th, Chaumet opened the second exhibition of its Musee Ephemere, entitled "Une Education Sentimentale".


The Musée Ephémère of Chaumet presents "Une Education Sentimentale"

Une Éducation Sentimentale exposes the human heart at all stages of life, from the unconditional love between parent and child to fond friendships, the bonds of matrimony and all-consuming passion.

Chaumet in pictures

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