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Chaumet diamonds combine excellence with emotion, to give solitaires an extraordinary sparkle.The most prized gemstones of all, they adorn the Maison’s creations and symbolize purity, perfection and eternal love.

The Maison’s collections offer four diamond shapes designed to sublimate the stones: the pear, brilliant, cushion, and Taille Impératrice (Empress cut in French) cut.

CYL Joséphine Amour d'Aigrette Ring solitaire
The Pear

The pear-shaped diamond, a personal favorite of Empress Josephine, has become one of Chaumet’s signatures, both elegant and daring.

CYL Joséphine Amour Impérial Ring solitaire
The Brilliant

A must-have for High Jewelry and engagement rings, the brilliant cut, with its 58 facets, is the most luminous of the classic cuts, offering breathtaking brilliance.

CYL Eclat floral Ring solitaire
The Cushion

Highly prized for engagement rings, this cut with its unique brilliance is part of Chaumet’s heritage, echoing the mythical Regent diamond.

CYL BML Ring solitaire
The Taille Impératrice (Empress cut in French)
An exclusive hexagonal cut devised by the Maison, the Taille Impératrice (Empress cut in French) captivates with its unrivalled brilliance. With 88 hand-cut facets, it captures and reflects light, multiplying its intensity. Endowed with an extraordinary radiance, it lights up the skin with its magnificent shimmer.
Les 4C 5C selon Chaumet
Each Chaumet diamond is meticulously selected to meet the highest standards of excellence, according to the Gemological Institute of America's 4C standard: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. In addition to the 4Cs, Chaumet selects the finest diamonds and cuts them according to its own 5th standard, which is harmony. First of all, the harmony of the stone, so that it shines brightly and evokes a special emotion. Then, the harmony of the design, which is meticulously adapted so that the proportions of the stone blend perfectly with those of the frame.

Find out more about Chaumet's 4Cs
Diamant jaune
An ode to color

To celebrate love in all its nuances, Chaumet offers solitaires set with colored center stones. Romantic as the blue of a sapphire, deep as the green of an emerald, passionate as the red of a ruby, joyful as the yellow of a daffodil diamond…

Our collections with colored stones