A poetic and vivid theme par excellence, the new Les Ciels de Chaumet collection pays tribute to the dialogue that the Maison has carried on with the arts since it was founded in 1780. From the twirling suns of Van Gogh, through the flocks of wading birds on Japanese prints, to the  swirling skies of Turner, the sky has always inspired the most beautiful creations. Following the lead of the great masters, the Maison now reinterprets with virtuosity stars, shining suns, crescent moons and planets, as well as the graceful multitude of birds who inhabit the skies. This is a celebration in four chapters of firmament femininity.

Les Ciels de Chaumet

Explore Les Ciels de Chaumet

Les Caprices du Ciel

In the stormy sky, the sun’s rays shine through the clouds and endow the landscape with a unique colouring for a fleeting instant. Inspired by a changing sky swept by the wind, the Lueurs d’Orage necklace combines the colours of sapphires, amethysts, tanzanites and an exceptional imperial topaz. Like a burst of celestial light, this spectacular 37.68-carat gem can be detached from the necklace to be worn on a shorter chain or clipped to a diamond necklace. After the storm, the clouds take on an aureate glow that reveals the luminosity of golden yellow sapphires from Sri Lanka. With harmonious soft curves and steely rays, the Nuages d’Or creations are graphic jewels with great lightness.

Les Couleurs du Ciel

The burning sun, star of the day or wrapped in nocturnal hues.... Les Couleurs du Ciel are variations on the multiple facets of the king of stars. While a solar and sovereign femininity radiates from the Soleil Glorieux creations, Soleil de Feu re-creates the intensity of the sun at its zenith. An image of the last highlights of the setting sun on the shadowy water of the coming night, the shades of spinels from Tanzania and Vietnam, ranging from blue to red, through green and yellow, compose a parure shaded with the tones of rare colours. A 6.29-carat chrysoberyl in absinthe green accents the spectacular bracelet, which is fully articulated, in a sumptuous display of the Maison’s virtuosity.

Les Fulgurances du Ciel

Les Fulgurances du Ciel pay tribute to the essence of High Jewellery, to the art of highlighting gemstones that make women glow on festive evenings. A motif that has been present for over two hundred years in the Maison’s creations, the star is adorned with the purity of diamonds. The dancing undulation of a starry cascade, the perfect positioning of stars on a tiara and the luminous caress of these earrings illustrate the mastery of a Maison that is faithful to its tradition of excellence. Like comets streaking across the sky, emphasizing its immensity with their luminous glow, the Passages jewels reinterpret these fascinating heavenly bodies with extraordinary black opals from Australia. In their wake, trails of pastel tourmalines add a finishing touch to a virtuoso creation and reveal the queen of the night with their brilliance.

Les Habitants du Ciel

Dear to the naturalist vocabulary of the Maison, the exotic birds that fly through the sky incarnate an airy grace and take the imagination on a journey toward a horizon of symbols and poetry. Adorned with green tsavorite garnets that come, like migratory birds, from Africa, the swallows of the Envol jewellery add new enchantment to Chaumet’s celestial bestiary. Rare and mystical, the dancing waders of Parade lend their slender elegance to a delightful parure, a haiku of magical charm. Their ballet is enhanced with diamonds and pink and yellow sapphires. Paying tribute to a Japonism stemming from the Maison’s historic creativity, the Parade parure is a compendium of Chaumet virtuosity.

A timeless virtuosity 


Ever since the nineteenth century, the Maison has created jewellery inspired by the heavens and illuminating the beauty of women. Tiaras, headpieces, brooches, devants de corsage, necklaces and pendant earrings bear witness to this creative passion, rich in observation, invention and symbolic force.

Les Ciels de Chaumet
Les Ciels de Chaumet
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