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High Jewellery Unveiling, "La Nature de Chaumet"
Chaumet was unveiling last weekend its new High Jewellery collection "La Nature de Chaumet" at the Musée Bourdelle and in its Salons, 12 place Vendôme.
Chaumet in a box set

Place Vendôme, tiaras and naturalism: discover the founding chapters of Chaumet’s world. The publisher Assouline’s first box set unveils the first pages of Chaumet’s library.

A set of three art books invites the reader to explore the world of Chaumet, through a prism of art, culture and history. Written by luxury and jewellery experts, they demonstrate the continuity and modernity of the Maison’s style, fashioned since its beginnings from a vibrant exchange between inspiration, craftsmanship and the demands of a sparkling clientele. This set is the first chapter of a themed collection that will make up Chaumet’s new library.

News in brief
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Liens Lumière pre-launch

Lit by the radiant lustre of white mother-of-pearl and the sparkle of diamonds, the dial of the new Liens Lumière watch adorns the wrist by day and by night. A signature of style, Liens Lumière is the jewellery piece of feminine refinement.



Relive les Journées Particulières with Chaumet

We wanted to share our History through Les Journées Particulières 2016. More than 1.500 people visited Chaumet salons on the 12 place Vendôme.

Newsletter A story of…
A story of Wheat

Echoing the pieces created by Chaumet for Empresses Joséphine and Marie-Louise, these ears of wheat bend in the breeze and imbue the diamond sets with precious generosity.

A gift of the gods to mortals, wheat symbolises life, the earth’s bounty and the golden days of harvest. The goddess Ceres’ sumptuous gold grain provides both physical and spiritual nourishment as it represents maternal love.

Chaumet in pictures

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