12, place Vendôme, the heart and soul of Chaumet

The townhouse at 12, place Vendôme incorporates the flagship Boutique, the historic Salons, the High Jewellery workshop and the Creative Studio.

Chaumet’s founder was the first of the Parisian jewelers to settle on the Place Vendôme, at the current address of the Ritz.

In 1812, François-Regnault Nitot, son of the Chaumet’s founder, bought the townhouse at 15, place Vendôme to set up his appartments and shop.

The Grand Salon, listed as a historic monument since 1927

Situated on the first floor, Chaumet’s Grand Salon was commissioned in 1777 from architect Bélanger by King Louis XVI’s General Treasurer of the Navy. In perfect harmony with Mansart’s facades, the Corinthian columns are multiplied into infinity by means of mirror effects. The memory of the first maître des lieux is still present, thanks to the many references to the maritime theme in the woodwork, marquetry and painted medallions.


In this salon, Frédéric Chopin composed his last Mazurka Opus 68 No. 4.

The Salon des Diadèmes, showcase of Chaumet’s historic collections

Chaumet’s historic collections are presented in the Salon des Diadèmes, where hundreds of nickelsilver models, final volume mock-up concept prior to the jewel being manufactured in the workshop illustrate the Maison’s prestigious past.


The heritage of Chaumet is exceptional within the history of jewellery: 55,000 gouaché drawings made by winners of the “Grand Prix de Rome”, almost 300,000 photographic works, among which 38,000 glass negatives, ledger books and correspondence are all archived and stand witness to the accomplishments of the House of Chaumet through the generations.


Just like its customer correspondence, account books and inventories, books of pearls and stones are carefully archived by Chaumet.

The Salon des Perles

Currently undergoing restoration, this salon was originally the mansion's dining room and dates back to 1855. Richly decorated in carved wood, it features a spectacular fireplace and a painted ceiling attributed to Pierre-Victor Galland. Its name is evocative of the Belle Epoque, when Chaumet's pearl department was opened.

The Vendôme Boutique

“Using the minimum to express the maximum, through the right balance of space, materials and light” is how Jean-Michel Wilmotte, in charge of the Chaumet boutique concept, defines his style. In the entrance, the famous Bourbon-Parme tiara, made by Joseph Chaumet in 1919 and a symbol of the Maison’s illustrious past, is represented on an immense back-lit panel. Mirrors reflect the light, magnifying the space and the sparkle of diamonds. The colours: a gradation of pearly pink beige, brown, taupe and bronze shades for the walls and furniture, shimmering blue wool and silk for the carpeting and a variation on transparency and texture for the silk-screened glass elements. The subtle, delicate lighting accentuates the sparkle of the High Jewellery, the jewellery and precious watch collections.

Chaumet Vendôme Boutique
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