Le Laurier

Le Laurier

The first of the four themes developed in this new High Jewellery collection.

Emblem of victory, the evergreen laurel also celebrates immortality. The suppleness and movement of the pieces evoke Apollo and Daphne’s love chase.
La Nature de Chaumet,
in the Garden of Art
Le Lys
The flower of innocence and emblem of the kings of France, the lily celebrates the different facets of feminine beauty, from translucent purity to fiery passion.
Le Blé
A gift of the gods to mortals, wheat symbolises life, the earth’s bounty and the golden days of harvest.
Le Chêne
Whether enhanced by the radiant hues of dawn or by the colours of a stormy sky, it brings grandeur to jewellery creations as light as dew drops.
La Nature de Chaumet
The Maison has depicted a natural world that is both free and gracious, vibrant and generous and whose distinctive contours have created a singular identity, combining ancestral savoir-faire and a vital elegance of style. Mastering its expertise to create enchantment, Chaumet has invented precious jewels that tell the fabulous story of Parisian High Jewellery, born in 1780, with the lightness of hand and deceptive simplicity that defines its style.
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Chaumet in a box set

Place Vendôme, tiaras and naturalism: discover the founding chapters of Chaumet’s world. The publisher Assouline’s first box set unveils the first pages of Chaumet’s library.

A set of three art books invites the reader to explore the world of Chaumet, through a prism of art, culture and history. Written by luxury and jewellery experts, they demonstrate the continuity and modernity of the Maison’s style, fashioned since its beginnings from a vibrant exchange between inspiration, craftsmanship and the demands of a sparkling clientele.


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