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Bee My Love

Reinterpreting an icon

With more charm than ever, the Bee My Love collection begins a brand-new chapter in its history as it unveils new pieces paying tribute to its signatures, while continuing to surprise. Ultra-desirable creations in the spotlight.

Universal but distinctive, Bee My Love creations invite you to experiment with infinite styles and pairings as stackability meets gold and diamond that's perfect for mixing and matching. Every gesture made with these pieces is unique, following the rhythm of life's movements and brilliantly revealing every personality.
Collection Bee My Love 2024 BML Plastron Bee My Love
Breathtaking creations
Spectacular shine. Magnetic allure. Queen-like elegance. That's what the new Bee My Love plastron necklace promises, with radiance matched only by its splendor. Crafted using true jewelry expertise, this unique piece took over 400 hours to be designed before being meticulously assembled and hand-polished. The result is a jewelry apotheosis, an exceptional High Jewelry creation that's both sensual and architectural.
Collection Bee My Love 2024 BML Sunny Bee pendant
As creative as it is contemporary, the Bee My Love collection offers new pieces with sparkling gold that echoes the incomparable shine of the sun.

The mirror-polished rose gold honeycombs combine with brilliant-cut diamonds sparkling with the light of a thousand fires to form a subtle openwork design that evokes a bee gathering nectar from a floral motif.

Epitomizing honeycombs

An exclusive hexagonal cut devised by the Maison, the Taille Impératrice (Empress cut in French) captivates with its unrivalled brilliance.

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