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High Jewellery

Un Air de Chaumet

Between earth and sky

The Un Air de Chaumet High Jewellery capsule collection represents a new chapter in Chaumet’s 244-year history with nature, between earth and sky. Capturing the grace of birds with agility and daring, from aerial display to sky-slicing flight, the adornments place their creative breath around the face, sliding their plumage from the hair to the ear.

A virtuoso display

The four High Jewellery sets bring a touch of innate refinement to every silhouette, focusing on the essentials for a contemporary look. Another Chaumet signature is the lightness of the brooches and earrings that complement a silhouette that combines modern poetry and freedom.

Embodied by model and friend of the Maison Coco Rocha, the Un Air de Chaumet collection captures the instant magic of a bird taking flight. Conjuring up all manner of metamorphoses, the finery plays with golden feathers, and possesses the grace of a swallow ballet, taking flight in a mesmerising acrobatic display, as if levitating, to then deliver a dazzling finale.

    Capsule HJO 2024 savoir faire
    Capsule HJO 2024 savoir faire
    Capsule HJO 2024 savoir faire
Capsule HJO 2024 Coco Rocha
Golden Feathers
Featuring feathers of brushed rose gold alternating with diamond-set white gold, this first piece reinterprets one of Chaumet's signatures, the tiara.

Transformed into a hair ornament, the motif draws a bird with a pear-shaped diamond head, one of the Maison's iconic cuts.

Now a brooch, it sits like a wing carried by the wind, offering yet another demonstration of its transformative power.
Capsule HJO 2024 Coco Rocha
Capturing the movement of swallows in their springtime ballet, these earrings and transformable hair ornaments take Chaumet's iconic line art to new heights.

A unisex brooch, the swallows are just as majestic on a structured silhouette as they are on a more casual one.
Capsule HJO 2024 Coco Rocha
Here, creation is synonymous with ascent. The diamonds are delicately overlapping in the filet-grain and tortoiseshell settings, in dialogue with an illusion setting that combines a closed setting and a claw setting.

The stones seem to be suspended in mid-air. A plumage of white gold, fluttering in the wind, settles on the hair.
Capsule HJO 2024 Coco Rocha
Captured in its shimmering flight, the bird of paradise performs a fascinating courtship in brooches and asymmetrical earrings. They combine Chaumet's signature boldness and movement to underline the contemporary allure.

The charm and ear ornaments illuminate the face with feathers, punctuated by filet-grain-set diamonds in white gold and tortoiseshell-set diamonds in hand-engraved rose gold.