or the art of style

She chose the graceful swan over the imperial eagle, the sparkle of nature over the cool shades of palace marble, the transparency of muslin over the stiffness of regal brocade.

Joséphine's flowers

Born amidst the Caribbean island of Martinique’s lush gardens, Joséphine was an adept of refined hedonism where sensual pleasure mingled with exquisite taste.

A story of Aigrettes

Imagination, elevation, exaltation. The Roaring Twenties were a festive era. Chaumet created magnificent naturalist motifs refined by a spray of slender feathers.

The Joséphine collection

A precious echo of the taste of its muse, the Joséphine collection perpetuates this graceful and elegant style that is characteristic of the Maison Chaumet.

Joséphine, from the offical to the intimate

One knows her mostly as a woman of power, Joséphine she is also a passionate lover. She happily ventures into the world of tender feelings where emotions are as sparkling as diamonds and as intricate as lace…

Your Chaumet store

Chaumet is present in more than 80 boutiques in the world main capital cities: Paris, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Moscow… but also through a vast network of approved retailers, that is about 450 points of sales.
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Chaumet craftsmanship

For more than 230 years Chaumet’s excellence in High Jewellery has been bequeathed from one master jeweller to another.

Diamonds and precious stones are carefully selected for their exceptional purity and sparkle. Then, the jewellers, stone setters, polishers and engravers give life to the jewel.

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