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Les Mondes de Chaumet

The High Jewellery collection Les Mondes de Chaumet is built around three precious moments, in an alliance of the virtuosity of the Maison with the dreams of far-away horizons. In Paris, birthplace of a unique culture nourished by influences from every latitude, Chaumet reinvents its past to create the adornments inspired by today’s many worlds.

Les modes de chaumet tresors d'afrique
Trésors d'Afrique

The third and final stop of this meandering journey is a natural meeting, a tribute to unexpected forms and a resolutely contemporary sense of daring, like the continent that gave it life: Africa.

Les Mondes de Chaumet - Chant du printemps
Chant du Printemps

The second of this meandering journey’s three stops is an homage to Japan, fusing the glorification of a divine Nature, a sureness of line, and the powerful colours of ink and lacquer.

Les Mondes de Chaumet - Promenades Imperiales
Promenades Impériales

The first of this meandering journey’s three stops, as an homage to Russia, captures the beauty of the Siberian winter.