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Colonne 12 Vendôme Chaumet
The heart of Maison Chaumet
Located at no. 12, Chaumet's hôtel particulier stands majestically in the centre of mythical place Vendôme, the epicentre of Parisian luxury. Long before it bore the name of Chaumet, in 1812 the Maison was the first jeweller to take up residence on this mythical place, at no. 15, the address of the Ritz Paris today. Joseph Chaumet chose to establish his Maison at no. 12 from 1907.
Welcome to the 12 Vendôme

Today this historic address houses a boutique with spaces that have been entirely redesigned, salons dedicated to culture where part of the Maison’s heritage is shown, as well as the High Jewellery workshop. This exceptional place was given its triple vocation from the beginning .

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The boutique

Magasin Chaumet 12 Vendôme
Magasin Chaumet 12 Vendôme
Salon des Joyaux Chaumet 12 Vendôme
Magasin Salon Malmaison Chaumet 12 Vendôme
Salon Malmaison
The salon dedicated to engaged couples is a white boudoir with walls decorated with a majestic tiara, the crown of love and the Maison’s emblematic piece.
Salon des Joyaux Chaumet 12 Vendôme
Salon des Joyaux

The private salon looking onto the Vendôme column is the highlight of the succession of intimate spaces on the first floor, where exceptional pieces can be presented or a special order be designed.

Magasin salon Arcade Chaumet 12 Vendôme
The Arcade, a contemporary setting dedicated to personalising the Maison’s jewellery and watch pieces, combines Chaumet codes with a very seventies feel. The space has been conceived as a tribute to the eponymous place the Maison inaugurated in the 70s to lighten attitudes to Parisian jewellery .
Grands Salons Chaumet 12 Vendôme
Salon Chopin Chaumet grands salons Vendôme
Chaumet maillechorts 12 Vendôme
Grands Salons Chaumet 12 Vendôme
The grand salons of 12 Vendôme, jewels of the 18th and 19th centuries – including the Chopin Salon, classed as a historical monument, where the famous composer and pianist composed his last piece – have been redesigned and restored to house the Maison’s unique heritage collection. The Maison has been able to preserve many priceless treasures that make up its heritage today since it was established in 1780.
Atelier Haute Joaillerie Chaumet 12 Vendôme
The High Jewellery workshop
Looking down from the Vendôme column, the statue of Napoléon keeps watch over the Maison’s High Jewellery workshop. This secret place is where jewellers, gem-setters and polishers work each day to bring Chaumet’s creations to life, thus perpetuating ancestral virtuosity under the attentive eye of the 13th head of the Maison’s workshop. This precious virtuosity, which can only be reproduced by hand, has been passed on from workshop head to workshop head since the Maison was established in 1780.