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High Jewelry

Chaumet en Scène

Chaumet en Scène, Chaumet’s new High Jewelry collection, was imagined to be a spectacular performance combining artistic disciplines and presenting three eloquently-paced tableaux. One after the other, music, dance and magic give the full measure of the Maison’s mastery. Embodying the art of movement so dear to the Maison, each set becomes a unique number in which the High Jewelry pieces highlight their exceptional stones.

HJ Collection Chaumet en Scène 2024 Harmony set - Série Karim Sadli
Chapter 1: Setting the tempo
For this first tableau that celebrates music, three sets of jewelry take center stage. A trio of emeralds, sapphires and diamonds provide a precious score, while the duet of the sapphires and diamonds resonates in sheer harmony. Lastly, the diamonds sparkle alone, in a wonderful melody.

HJ Collection Chaumet en Scène 2024 Tango set - Série Karim Sadli
Chapter 2: Leading the dance
A tribute to dance, the second Chaumet en Scène tableau features a series of choreographies in which the stones are the performers. Combining disciplines, Ceylon sapphires perform a contemporary ballet while the diamonds, tourmalines and rubellites engage in a frenzied tango, and the violet sapphires swing alongside their gold and material work.

HJ Collection Chaumet en Scène 2024 Illusion set - Série Karim Sadli
Chapter 3: As if by magic
Full of surprises, the third tableau in the Chaumet en Scène collection highlights some bewitching pieces. Like a magician captivating his audience, the craftsmen of 12 Vendôme make diamonds and pearls undulate in a magnetic illusion, whether they are transforming diamonds into a glittering dance or creating the illusion of a mirror-like effect in rubies and diamonds.