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Wide valses

Chaumet est une fête

Valses d'Hiver

The whirl of pearls and diamonds of the Valses d’hiver creations evokes the movement of flounces and laces twirling to the rhythm of vivacious dance steps.

Nature morte

The Vienna Opera Ball

In the deep of winter, the facades of the Austrian capital reflect the immaculate white light like sparkling mirrors.
Vienna reveals its versatility and spins gracefully from waltzes to atonal music. Beautiful heiress of the Austro-Hungarian empire’s enduring taste for adornment and festive occasions, the city’s legendary balls celebrate her famous waltzes; those of the Strauss dynasty and its contemporaries.
Of the three hundred balls given each year, the Opera Ball is undeniably the most sought after and elegant. Black tail-coats, patent slippers and ballgowns seamlessly glide on the waxed parquet floors of this temple of music.

Valses d'Hiver Chaumet est une fête High Jewellery
Nature morte

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By phone