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Stories of Liens

The Liens collection

The Liens collection celebrates the bonds between people, through a contemporary reinterpretation of sentimental jewellery. The link is highly symbolic and the thread that unites two people who love each other, drawing their destiny closer.

This graphic design has featured in the Maison’s historic creations and inspired Chaumet to make a collection that’s as iconic as it is timeless since 1977.

From passion to affection, love to friendship, each emotion has its talisman.

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Your Stories of Liens Chaumet

The delicate Jeux de Liens creations offer a joyful palette full of freshness and lightness that can be combined together as desired.

Symbols of the attachment that unites two people, the deep colours of fine gemstones, the lustre of polished gold or the sparkle of diamonds illuminate the crossed links.

Jeux de Liens Harmony medallions are real talismans that can be worn every day. A name, date or personal message can be engraved on the reverse to immortalise a precious moment.

Your Stories of Liens Chaumet

Liens Évidence uses the strength of clean lines to assert the strength of relationships that time continues to enhance. Creations that can be coordinated with the one you love like a profusion of promises of happiness.

Liens Évidence is a graphic affirmation, sealing unique moments that brighten reality.

Your Stories of Liens Chaumet

Liens d’Amour is enchanting like a declaration, eternal like a promise, announcing the commitment of two people with unabashed fervour.

The diamond-paved link reveals the sensual curves that express Chaumet’s art of lines and symbolise the unfailing attachment of two people in love. Necklaces, earrings, and solitaires come in all the shades of love, from the colourful intensity of fine gemstones to the precious sparkle of diamonds.

Your Stories of Liens Chaumet

Liens Séduction gracefully gives a new look to the bow, being done up and undone, as fusional as passion and as free as love.

A link that reinvents light and joyful seduction, like a ribbon that wraps around itself to be tied with fluidity and fantasy.

A tradition of sentimental jewellery

The links are an emblem of the union between two people, links that are part of the repertoire of Chaumet, jeweller of emotions since 1780, which Joséphine and Napoléon chose to seal their love with precious creations.

This poetic thread is found throughout the eras of the Maison’s designs: bows that found favour with Queen Marie-Antoinette, garlands of ribbons and crossed links of the Belle Epoque, graphic patterns of the 20th century…

Chaumet has been reinventing this symbol full of meaning again and again since 1977 to write today’s Stories of Liens.

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