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Joséphine or the art of style

« Joséphine, Joséphine, remember what I have told you many times: nature made me the strong and resolute soul. It crafted you from lace and gauze… » Napoléon – Nice, le 10 Germinal


Born amidst the Caribbean island of Martinique’s lush gardens, Joséphine was an adept of refined hedonism where sensual pleasure mingled with exquisite taste. An aristocrat in tumultuous times – she was only eight years younger than Marie-Antoinette – she adapted the aesthetics of the 18th century to fit her whimsical spirit, reinterpreting the masculine rigour of the Empire style with creativity.

She chose the graceful swan over the imperial eagle, the sparkle of nature over the cool shades of palace marble, the transparency of muslin over the stiffness of regal brocade… She added femininity to the geometric lines of Neo-classicism with arabesques, scrolls, foliage and floral motifs, softening the military rationality of the Empire with a poetic sensuality, full of curves and surprises.

Guided by her unfailing passion, she happily ventured into the world of tender feelings where emotions are as sparkling as diamonds and as intricate as lace… Led by her imagination, she invented a delicate style celebrating love, life and cherished moments with shimmering jewels and the rarest stones.

The Joséphine collection is a precious echo of its muse’s taste, offering 45 exceptional pieces that perpetuate the Maison Chaumet’s distinctive style made of graceful elegance. An alliance of delicate design with flamboyant stones, this collection revisits two hundred and thirty years of expert tradition with contemporary creativity.





Strength and delicacy, balance and movement: the Joséphine collection expresses the Chaumet style, sophisticated and feminine, born of a constantly renewed illustrious history. These Belle Époque drawings, projects for necklaces, pendants, tiaras and aigrette head ornaments created between 1900 and 1915, illustrate Chaumet’s characteristic art of subtle nuance and composition. The geometric motifs inspired by the repertoire of classical architecture embrace the supple swirls and vivacious movements of the instant, as if the jewel had captured the fleeting spray of a sparkling gush of water. This aerial and lofty interpretation is quintessential Chaumet: an apparent alliance of contrasts, a wedding of beauty and strength, refinement and brilliance, to celebrate the exceptional charm and sensitivity of Joséphine, both woman and empress.

Joséphine Rondes de nuit

Rondes de Nuit is a night star adorned with shimmering stones that cast a precious spell. The rings, earrings and pendant offer their luminous generosity to the collection. The baguette-cut diamonds sculpt exquisite volume around a pear-shaped diamond, creating a swirling relief for these virtuoso pieces.

Joséphine Aigrette impériale

Like sparkling droplets, the stones and their airy setting frame the central pear-shaped diamond with dazzling light. Regally crowning the finger, the Aigrette Impériale adds a touch of majesty to Joséphine’s garden.

Joséphine Éclat floral

As sparkling and delightful as a promise, the jewellery elegance of these creations is an ode to femininity. Whether they are rings, a wedding band, earrings, bracelets or tiaras, these seductive pieces transform every occasion into an exceptional moment.

Joséphine Aube printanière

Fresh and ethereal as a drop of morning dew, this Aube Printanière is radiant with light. In alliance with the sparkle of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds form a bright bouquet of budding flowers.