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High Jewellery

Torsade de Chaumet

Discover the collection

The first jeweller to open on the legendary Place Vendôme in 1812, Chaumet pays tribute to the origins of the Maison with the Torsade de Chaumet collection. Inspired by the movement of the frieze wrapping the Vendôme column, these creations offer a modern and fresh revisiting of the twist – « torsade » in French – in an ode to movement and life.

Discover the creations
Torsade de Chaumet High Jewellery collection
Interlacing diamonds
Whether tightly coiled or loose, winding gracefully or flowing freely, these versatile twists achieve the prowess of freezing the vivacity of a movement in gold and diamond.

From the classic brilliant-cut to the rose-cut, or even the ascher-cut reimagined as a nod to Place Vendôme, these virtuoso creations are true sculptures of light enhanced by multiple sizes of diamonds in an interplay of radiance and relief.

Chaumet’s signature jewel, the Torsade de Chaumet tiara encapsulates the grace of interlacing twists dancing freely around a line of diamonds. A creation which appears to defy gravity and celebrates 200 years of mastery of Chaumet’s High Jewellery atelier.

Torsade de Chaumet High Jewellery collection
Light and colours
Ceylon sapphires, Mozambique rubies, Colombian emeralds... Like a painter, Chaumet punctuates torsades of light with precious touches of colour.

Sources of emotion, the stones have been individually selected for their extraordinary aura. Whether they honour the Chaumet blue or a passionate red, these creations convey the Maison’s emblematic art of colour with grandeur.
Torsade de Chaumet High Jewellery collection
Torsade de Chaumet High Jewellery collection
Torsade de Chaumet High Jewellery collection
Torsade de Chaumet High Jewellery collection
240 years of mastery
Crafted by the Maison’s High Jewellery atelier, the Torsade de Chaumet creations dynamically reinterpret the torsade motif, found on many of the Maison's historical creations.

Pieces that are both timeless and undeniably contemporary, and which combine creativity and bicentenary excellence to give rise to lightweight masterpieces.
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The emblematic torsade is available in the precious jewellery and bridal collections.