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Chaumet x Guerlain

Chaumet celebrates the anniversary of the Bee Bottle

To celebrate the 170th anniversary of the Bee Bottle, Chaumet has shared its jewellery expertise with Guerlain to create the spectacular Bouquet de la Cour fragrance bottle. Meticulously designed like a piece of High Jewellery, each detail has been handcrafted in the workshops at 12 Vendôme to evoke a sense of wonder.

"The Bouquet de la Cour piece is a perfect contrast between tradition and modernity.”

Ehssan Moazen, Creative studio director
A piece like no other
Much more than just a bottle, the Bouquet de la Cour is a true jewellery masterpiece that symbolises the highest standards of French craftsmanship and luxury. Epitomising the extraordinary, this anniversary piece is a testament to the excellence of Guerlain and Chaumet.

Truly one of a kind, it captivates with a secret hidden in the cap of the bottle: a stunning gold ring set with a majestic 2-carat diamond. Known as the Taille Impératrice which means "Empress cut", this innovative and unique shape owes its exceptional brilliance to its 88 facets, which are cut one by one by hand and aligned with infinite precision.

The Bouquet de la Cour creation is also exceptional in terms of its content: it will hold a fragrance selected by the customer from among the iconic scents of Guerlain.

For this collaboration, the Bee Bottle is a masterful reinterpretation of the Bee My Love collection. Like a beehive created gradually over time, the graphic cells are endlessly repeated, refined to the point of abstraction and enhanced by unique craftsmanship.

Beneath the gold and diamonds, this pure work of art expresses better than words the story of two exceptional Maisons with many similarities, including shared historical roots.

Just like the perfumer, Chaumet's destiny is intricately linked to the splendour of the Empire, with the two iconic Maisons having been awarded the distinctions of "Official Supplier to His Majesty" and "Official Jeweller of the Empire" respectively.

A shared legacy, identical values, a commitment to excellence and a love of craftsmanship... Once again, history has brought them together, resulting in a spectacular bottle from a single vision.

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