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Bee My Love

Taille Impératrice

Unrivalled brilliance

Chaumet unveils a new exclusive diamond cut, the Taille Impératrice (“Empress-cut” in French).

A true mastery, this hexagonal-cut with 88 facets brings out the exceptional brilliance and fire in these diamonds. Unique stones that light up new radiant Bee My Love creations, now more precious than ever.

Chaumet steals the spotlight with its latest innovation

The only diamond to combine a hexagonal shape, 88 facets and a star-shaped pavilion, the Taille Impératrice has an exceptional shine and a brilliance superior to the market’s universal reference which is the brilliant-cut.

Individually cut by hand, the 88 facets of the Taille Impératrice diamonds have been designed to capture more rays of light that reflect back with greater intensity.

Set on a solitaire, an asymmetrical choker or even earrings, the Taille Impératrice diamonds are always a sign of exceptional radiance.
Bee My Love Taille Impératrice Chaumet
Bee My Love Taille Impératrice Chaumet
Bee My Love Taille Impératrice Chaumet

The inspiration

The Taille Impératrice reinterprets the iconic Bee My Love honeycombs in radiant diamonds with 88 facets, a lucky number evoking the double infinity sign.

Its name pays tribute to Empress Joséphine, the Maison’s first major client. Passionate about nature and botany, Joséphine inspired Chaumet's precious naturalistic creations.