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Duo Éternel

Duo Éternel

Available online

Revisiting in a contemporary way the traditional form of the « toi et moi », a symbol of love if ever there was one, Chaumet unveils Joséphine Duo Éternel. Like an echo of the engagement ring given by Napoleon to the future Empress, this new High Jewellery collection perpetuates the tradition of sentimental jewellery dear to Maison Chaumet. Offering timeless pieces worn in the spirit of the times, Joséphine Duo Éternel is distinguished by its asymmetrical compositions. Rings with gems arranged head to head, but also torcular necklaces and a bracelet, whose pure line is accentuated by a gradation of diamonds, earrings worn on either side of the ear and, for the first time in the Joséphine collection, a brooch designed to be worn by both him and her. The lightness of these sets is echoed in the Chaumet blue and the historical « toi et moi » of Joséphine, in diamonds or in diamonds and sapphire.

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