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New creations

Bee My Love

Shine every day

The Maison unveils stylish new bracelets, available exclusively through e-commerce.

Reminiscent of the iconic Bee My Love rings stacked together, these elegant creations for everyday wear come in three cord colours to complement every personality.

Bee My Love cord bracelets Chaumet
A powerful echo of the Maison's past as a goldsmith, the mirror-polished rose gold and diamond honeycomb capture and diffuse light in a truly unique way, casting radiant glimmers of light onto the skin.

Designed for both women and men, this creation can be worn on its own or in combination with the other Bee My Love icons.

Discover the creations

      Bee My Love cord bracelets Chaumet
      Your Bee My Love bracelet
      Made from recycled polyester, our Bee My Love cord bracelets are the perfect match for your everyday looks.

      Whether you opt for the vibrant red bracelet, the timeless black or the elegant navy blue, a tribute to Chaumet blue, each creation comes with an additional cord in the same colour, which you can tie yourself.
      How do I tie my cord?