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Engagement ring Chaumet

The creation process of an engagement ring

For more than two centuries, the Maison Chaumet has been loyal to its tradition of « Jeweller of Feelings », through exceptional tiaras and bridal sets, authentic pledges of love. In line with Emperor Napoléon 1st & Empress Joséphine, Napoléon III & Eugénie de Montijo, Félix Yusupov & Princess Irina Alexandrovna of Russia, Chaumet continues to propose to couples timeless pieces to weave their sentiments.


Design and inspiration

The engagement ring is a pledge of love, one of the most demanding and subtle piece in terms of creation.

The design step opens a fabulous story, which begins at the Creation Studio, located on 12, place Vendôme. Each creation is a new chapter within the love story tradition that Chaumet spins since 1780.


The stones

The Maison Chaumet selects very carefully the stones that will be set on each engagement ring. They really contribute to the diversity of Bridal offer. The wide colour palette and the little extra soul they feature intensily the purest sentiments.


Jewellery crafts

The creation takes a three-dimensional form in the workshop, where a delicate wax sculpture is produced. The wax is modeled in a way that ensures to each mounting the most beautiful proportions. Once again, the challenge is to maintain the overall symmetry and balance on every ring. Therefore, each ring has a unique bezel, made upon each stone specific proportions: no matter what, the “v” shape-prong that holds the pear-shaped centre stone, has to precisely point in the middle of the brilliant-cut paved diamond, which is set in front of the lower band.

This delicate wax is then melted to produce the ring’s mounting.

When the melting step is over, manual work is required to gather the metal components together, in order to create the final ring. If the arms of the mounting are too sharp-edged, the operation of crafting is repeated all over again.

This step is a very meticulous and demanding one: it ensures the longevity of the creation.


Pre-polishing and polishing

Every part of the ring, even the most hidden ones, is hand-polished, leading to an overall brilliance.

The light may then fully penetrate through the openwork and release the stones beautiful colour. The metal almost vanishes, putting forward the stones.

The piece final polishing allows to erase the small imperfections of the metal and to reveal the ring and stones’ radiance.


The setting

The setting is a very important step within Chaumet engagement ring creation: it ensures the perfect balance and positioning of the stone, expressing at the same time the Maison’s well-know creativity and the diversity of the Bridal offer. The prongs holding the pear-shaped centre stone need to be perfectly symmetrical.

The metal is meant to vanish and be as light as possible, in order to put forward the unique designs of the engagement rings.


Quality control

At each stage in its production, every engagement ring undergoes close inspection by a quality controller.

When all the steps are finalised, the objective is to make sure that the creation is perfectly symmetrical and well-balanced, putting forward the centre stone.